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37- L’INcredible LINda story of LIN

13 February, 2012

The INcredibile LINda story of Jeremy LIN

As episode number 37 of the series “procrastinate your life”, today i’m going to tell you a story, that if by chance you read or listen any american or asia media, maybe, let me underlin maybe, you’ve heard about it. This story maybe like me you’ve heard in any possible variation, but at least i can’t tell you in a worst way this morning LINus of Radio Dee Jay told us (D’Antony a quick point guard? Lin n 200 choice at draft? He was sleeping in Chinatown? How many bullshit could you say more in 5 minutes?)

Jeremy Lin, 23 years old, son of chinese family from Taiwan, but born and grew up in California, a degree in Harvard, has become the most trendy l’hashtag on twitter last week for what he did on basket courts, and not with an anonymous t-shirt, but with New York Knicks one. And “if you can make it in new York, you can make it anywhere”.

A funny thing: until one week ago Lin was a Mr Nobody for most of basket experts. Undrafted by Nba, he spent his rookie year among pro’s splitting time between the end of the bench in Golden State Warriors ant the D-league, a devolpment league controlled by Nba, a kind of limbo where end who is not good enough to make it to the pro’s, but is still young enough to be ready one day and not losing all hopes.

And for a chinese guy with a degree in Harvard, to nobody except him looked a good idea wasting time on a basketball court, instead of accepting any good job desk offer, that for someone coming from the most prestigious University in the world, never lack. But Lin passion, his vocation, is basketball. And when at the beginning of this season he was cut from San Francisco franchise, and then from Houston, he didn’t give up until the desperate Knicks, decimate by injures, offered him a two months contract, that was guaranteed until tomorrow, February 12th. Unknown of his future, Lin has been sleeping so far in his younger brother couch, a student in New York area.

After being sent again in the D-league by the Knicks, he has been called back for a series a fortunate circumstances (injuries, horrible playing ir inadaptability of the system by his teammates) and finally has been giving some minutes of play in a game last week. The results have been promising, but the next game he is again relegated in the bench for the whole play. But in the next game he has another chance that he turn into gold: he start making one incredible play after another and he literally reverse the fortunes of a team that looked in irreversible disarray.

In one week Linsanity has exploded and grew up bigger and bigger. Every game better, his team won all the games and he proved not only he can play, but that he can be a star. Surely there are still skeptics around, who claims his magic moments will finish soon and his real play is much down to earth. It may happen, although he already proven enough he is not fluke, but whatever will happen in the future, this week will mark the history of this game and of the millions people he inspired.

His story in fact is way more than a cinderella sport tale. He is an example of the evolution of asian people, like this guy explain very well. And there are so many other lessons that Lin can teach us, well detailed in this article you can read in Forbes:

1  Believe in yourself when no one else does.
2. Seize the opportunity when it comes up.
3. Your family will always be there for you, so be there for them.
4. Find the system that works for your style.
5. Don’t overlook talent that might exist around you today on your team.
6. People will love you for being an original, not trying to be someone else.
7. Stay Humble.
8.  When you make others around you look good, they will love you forever.
9. Never forget about the importance of luck or fate in life.
10. Work your butt off.

What else can I add to this non LINeare LINsanity? LINcipit, LINcredibile, LINcomparable, LINdo. LINolelum, Lincipit, LINter, LINo, LINiquo, LINz, LINning. Cin ciao LIN.

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