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A new vagabonding field reporter

5 April, 2012

Eating a Piranha in the Colombian Amazon

I am really excited to announce that I have started a collaboration with Vagabonding, the website created by Rolf Potts, who authored the besteseller book with the same title.

In fact I have been selected as one of the new Vagabonding Field Reporter!.

There are only two non-English mother language writing for Vagabonding (and surely not many more writing for such great quality English websites): the other is my friend Marco Ferrarese or Monkey Rock World, whose talent I recognized years ago when he sent a couple of articles for the Tripmagazine and I believe he is really rocking.

Many thanks to Rolf Potts for his very inspiring book and website, and to Ted Beatie who manage vagabonding field reports. Soon my first dispatch. If for some reason you want more of my travel reports, this is my travels blog.

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  1. dabesa permalink


    Now I understand why you dropped, loosing it, our 3×3 challenge 🙂

    And proud to say that I took the picture you choose as a profile! haha

    I’ll read you on Vagabonding.

    • Thank you dabesa
      Actually Ted chose the picture among the 4 I sent him, but you had 50% to win (at least this, because I feel your pain for losing the challenge), because you took another one of the 4

      • Hey man focus,
        the past tense of “choose” is “chose” or “chosen”…. not “choosed”.
        Ah sorry, you wrote it correctly, I misread, ops

        Anyway, I better review all your articles before they get posted in Vagabonding!

  2. You’re right Daniele, you will be my editor, because you know I am so distracted and even if my English is so good that no Japanese can cope with my italian accent, I need to make it easy

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