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3x3WC – 6 Hot & Cold

18 March, 2012

This is the story of an epic fail.

I am currently hostage of my couchsurfing host in an irish pub

Only thing i can do is acknowledge my fail. I will not write this article.

Sorry Daniele , sumimasen reader.

I Only can tell that the Japanese word for cold is Samui. Like the island of Ko Samui in Thailand that instead is very hot.

The Japanese word for hot is hotto. Like hotto cofi. There are many coffee shops in Japan but coffee sucks and it’s overpriced.

Starbucks in Shibuya, the famous square in Tokyo where everybody cross the street in all direction may be the best place in the world for people watching though.

So i wrote this on an iPod in an irish pub where everybody is drunk and loud but me. I am just very pissed.

If Only i have a word counter.
Please look at my pictures in my travels blog

Rule for next article: write in 3 terzine dantesche schema ABA BCB CDC

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