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12 May, 2012

There is also something very American, if lazier and not quite as smart, in the notion that everyone who wants Success, deserves Success — with a capital “s.” This sort of Bastard American Dream is the underlying message of Internet Marketing and “self-help,” IM’s older cousin. Success, vaguely defined in this context, would seem to mean “being your own boss” or “working your own hours,” or “doing whatever you damn well please.” This must be a very attractive idea to anyone — not just those of us who Bedros Keuilian describes as “unemployable.” But is it realistic?

In a conversation with Steve Salerno, the journalist and author of SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless told me recently, “There’s a couple of things that guys like Tony Robbins and, you know, the early fathers of the guru movement, have done. First of all, they have established this climate where they have persuaded people of things that we used to institutionalize for, or at least put them on Thorazine. They have actually persuaded people to believe that the physical laws of reality don’t apply to them, and anything that you think of — if you think of it passionately enough — you can get.”

Please, do yourself a favour and read the whole story here.

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