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3x3WC – 7 What is happiness for me

21 March, 2012

“Happiness is real only when shared”, said once Alex Supertramp
For what is worth, this humble blogger Cloudio think the same way.
Alex went Into the Wild, and was lost alone in his Alaska camp

My dear, I want to hold your hand and taking you far, far away
make your warm heart and soul my sacred temple and shrine
It’s a little bit funny, but there is nothing else that I can say

Happiness sing Albano & Romina, is a sandwich with a glass of wine
Happiness is enjoy the simple little things in the present moment
Happiness I believe, is being deeply connected with the divine

    Subject art 8. the art of dying

From → 3x3WC

  1. Rule of next article: agree on the rules!!!! 😀

    • how about you begin giving the rule for the new post, that is your turn? 😛

      • dabesa permalink

        what for?!
        You never respect the rules anyway.

        You little punk!

      • I’ll tell your boss you should be fired. Or at least, force you to resign.

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