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3×3 WC – 9 What I appreciate in people

1 April, 2012

Rule: 3 paragraphs of 333 words each

1 – What I appreciate in people

First of all, do I really appreciate people? Not as I should, I believe. People are the best resource in our life. We don’t value them enough. Unfortunately I am not alone in my deficiency. Many people today appreciate cool machines more than lame humans. Like Apple fan boys. Or they appreciate petty animals more than unmanageable people. Like vegetarians. Or vegans on a worst extended degree. Are the vegetarians and apple fan boys aware of the working conditions of human people in the Foxconn factories where Macintosh are produced?

People are people so why should it be. You and I should get along so awfully” , Depeche Mode use to sing in the eighties. The fabulous eighties that gave us hits like Big in Japan by Alphaville, that here in Japan nobody knows.

I appreciate people who are themselves. People who live their life and not one conformed of the rules of the society they live in. Society you are a crazy breed. I hope you are not lonely without me.

I appreciate people who are honest. Honesty is probably the virtue I value the most. And to be honest you only need to be yourself. To be yourself you have to know yourself. But I also appreciate everybody who try hard whatever they do. People that do that with persistency, a quality I believe I lack. Fail again, fail better, like Mr Tits teach.

I also appreciate courage. Beauty. Weakness too, because it is part of human condition.

I appreciate people like Justyn Brown I had the luck to meet today, who is going to run 4100km in 90 days, almost 50km a day average, through all Japan to raise funds to help victim of Tsunami and to test his limits.

So where the good people go? Please don’t change the channel, you don’t see them on a Tv Show. (With the remarkable exception of Lost. No I’m not talking about you, Ben Linus).

2 – What I don’t appreciate in people

By the principle of non contradiction, whatever I appreciate in people, I should non appreciate its contrary. So it is. I can’t stand falsity, selfishness. I don’t appreciate people who believe they are nonconformist and they put themselves in the scheme of an alternative group, which sometimes are even worst of the conformity they are fighting. Like, for instance, the Apple fan boys. Or like vegetarians, who think they are breaking rules and instead they just belong to another group.

Don’t even mention vegans to me, the non plus ultra of idiocy. Why they don’t all become breatharians and start to respect vegetal life as well? Because a carrot can’t talk does it mean we are free to violently rip out his roots from Mother Earth. Don’t you feel guilty, my vegan friend? So dear vegan, be consistent in your ethical choice: become a breatharian like some guru in India and let me know after forty days of your superior level of consciousness how you have raised your awareness.

Then tell me how you can cope with all the millions of bacteria and virus and microscopic living beings that are killing each other every second in your body. Tell me how the people in Tibet can live without meat and butter. How can you type your disdain of the barbaric human race who has not learned to respect earth lings from a Macintosh produced with the blood of poor chinese workers. Don’t take it personally guys, I am just giving you food for thoughts.

But I am trying to be positive, so even if I have to fill 333 words for this paragraph, I prefer to talk about the weather. Did you know that weather in japanese is translated with Tenki? And “are you ok” with “genki des ka”? So you maybe think “nice weather” is Genki Tenki? No, it’s ii tenki. By the way eigo eiga eienn means English Movie Forever.

3 – About the 3x3WC challenge
Since there is nothing more I can say about what I appreciate or not appreciate in people and since this is the last article of this writing challenge, let me have a last thought about it.

I want to thank Daniele who accepted this challenge and took it more carefully than I did. Sorry Daniel San, but at the beginning of a new travel and with many other things going on it proved too difficult for me to focus on this challenge. Actually, I know it’s just an excuse. The value of the challenge was exactly in this: doing something you do not really want to. Oblige myself writing on subject or rules decided by someone else. Mission accomplished? Maybe

When you write professionally like I did for years and I have just began to do again, this is the normal situation you have to face. Like today I accepted a commission to write about fashion trends for the next summer. I searched at least 10 different sources and found 10 to call them..ideas? Trends? Fashion is such a joke. Still there are so many fashion victims, people whom I feel real pity. Like, for instance, the vegetarians or the Apple fan boys. And if you have read this blurb from the beginning, you may already know you don’t want to getting me started with vegans. Pathetic vegans.

But you vegans are people too, so I appreciate what you do, because like organized religious groups force everyone to face the subject of Spirituality, even if their choice is exactly the negation of the value they are trying to spread, so vegans are here to make you think about a correct and ethic nutrition, even if the solution is surely not identify sashimi with the devil. The devil wear Prada, if you have not realized it yet.

Sent from my Ipad, while consuming a delicious soymilk smoothie and a yummy tofu all veggie wrap. Peace.

Arigatou gozaimas

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  1. dabesa permalink

    Thanks very much Cloudio for this writing experiment!

  2. Marco (KL) permalink

    Ciao Claudio,
    ho ricominciato a seguire il tuo viaggio da questo Blog. Ho provato per quasi 4 anni a rimettere radici in Italia, ma come ben capirai, Mission Impossible. Non so quanto ti fermerai ancora in Giappone, ma se al ritorno farai tappa in Malesia noi siamo di nuovo qui in pianta stabile.
    A presto

    • Ciao Marco
      Se passo da Kl ti vengo a trovare volentieri. Per un po’ pero’ Nippon 🙂

  3. dabesa permalink

    Hi Cloudio,
    I think you know it, but just in case, this is a great documentary (made in Holland) to show why is good to reduce meat, if not becoming veggie:

    Peace 🙂

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