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The rules of the game

This blog is like a game, a way of introspection, an experiment, an exercise of autodiscipline. That’s why I feel I need to set up few rules.

1) The blog will last 1 year.

2) I will write 100 post in 52 weeks. Publish a new post every Monday and Thursday, with 4 days break during the year. I will take a full week off after 6 months if I didn’t use any day off before.

2) No limits in lenght of every article. I can change the post after published until a new post will make it old. After that, what is done is done.

3) Every post will have a practical tools & tricks. And another section of a log diary or things I did in between posts.

4) I am going in public places to write twice a week.

5) I will not try to make any money or traffic. So screw google adsense, tags, donation buttons, links exchange, SEO, whatever. But I’ll hope whoever read and like will share.

6) I will write every post in English, Italiano y Espanol.

One Comment
  1. OK Claudio,
    you inspired me.
    I’m gonna start my own personal challenge:

    Keep in touch!

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