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38 – What keep stars lightning

16 February, 2012

February 18th is my sister birthday. With her and my mum from today to Sunday we will be in Malta to celebrate it. My present will be being with her these days, since I was supposed to leave already Italy again, but I extended my stay because she wanted I’ll be with her for her birthday.

Then, since she never shine for initiative, and lately she became more aphatetic than usual, I had to insist to organize something. But last Sunday she surprised giving me a nice present I am very grateful for. She lent me a paper book (that after months of visceral passion with kindle had the feeling of reunite for your girlfriend of a lifetime) that she liked.

This mean two good things about her: even in this apathetic phase of her life, she keep reading. And unlike his brother, usually too busy in his own world to check people around him, she still can be an altruistic, caring person. The thing most of the times she is acid, depressing and almost unbearable it’s another matter, and especially a private brother and sister one, so I forbid everyone to say she is like this.

But let’s go back to the book. “What keep the stars lightning. Stories of italian people who never stop believing in the future” by Mario Calabresi. And who the f. is Mario Calabresi? I asked myself when I read the cover.

He happen to be a journalist, only 1 year older than me, who is now Chief Editor of “La Stampa” from Torino. To say I have completely dropped out of this press world I used to belong is like to say this Ac Milan, despite just schooling Arsenal with and embarrassing 4-0, is an enjoyable team to watch. Or maybe it’s just me, I have changed so much football doesn’t turn me on anymore.

The story of an italian journalist who rose through the ranks without, as far as he tells in the book, any Godfather who pushed him, and before turning 40 manage one of the biggest dailies, and reach an active balance sheet in this almost impossible internet driven market, well, this interest me. And Mario Calabresi in this book recount many other stories of people who command respect. I will not review the book, but I will just copy and paste few lines from the last page, hoping they will be inspiring for whoever will read.

“I am arrived at the end of a journey began as a reaction from the letters I receive daily from readers. My need to understand if the moral decay, the faltering, the negativity is an irreversible condition for all of us italians, I searched if under the surface of fear and cynicism there are fresh energies, hopes of change and passion to help emerge. To realize if, despite the country is slipping lower day by day, there are conquers to recognize and nostalgias to put in the right perspective.
I have found my answers, and despite this 2 hour class in physics from Professor Bignami, I can tell him, in my opinion the reason the stars are lightning is to guide the roads of men, their fantasies, their dreams. To teach us never put our head down, not even when outside is all dark”.

Follow your dreams may be an abused slogan, but stay a great truth, and something I can boast pride I always did, against all odds. Unfortunately there are times when you can’t even dream or your dreams are so blurred to recognize them, but also in this moments, when you cannot run after your dreams, you should never stop walking.

That’s why, my beloved sister, I can only tell you this: between your home and your workplace there are 1,5km, a distance even unfit as you are, you can cover in less than 20 minutes. So, once for all and with all my love: stop taking the fucking bus.


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