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3x3WC – 5 I will never do it again

15 March, 2012

What I will never do it again?

I should think of the biggest mistakes in my life. But the point if, even if I did so many, and I mercilessly second guess myself on everything I do, I believe it’s all part of the Master Plan.

I’m so perfectionist, if I can travel back to this morning I would change at least 100 things.
That’s why if I can travel back to all my life, I probably wouldn’t change a bit. Everything happened to me, it was for a reason: give me opportunity to grow.

Have you seen the movie “Sliding doors”, or the zen story “maybe”? I back that theory: if something has to happen, it will find a way to happen, no matter how hard you try to change the course of an event.

Does that mean we are not responsible of our actions? Of course, not. We are responsible. And if something is not meant to be, it doesn’t mean we are not meant to be trying harder as we can.

So there’s nothing I can say that I will never do it again. I also believe in the “Never say Never” motto. I know for experience I have turned 360 on many things and not for self-interest, but simply because life makes change your beliefs.

Let me rephrase it again then, so I can reach the 333 words quota even if I feel I already said everything I had to on this topic: I am in Tokyo, still under jet-leg, with many things to do and little time to dedicate to this article. Even 33′ minutes, the time set up by the rule, feel too much now.

Does it mean I wouldn’t do this challenge again? Of course, not. I can’t control everything and I don’t know if it is more the subject that doesn’t appeal to me, or just the circumstances or because I’m just too coward to look inside and think of my fails.

Subject art 6: hot & cold


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