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3x3WC – 4 Parks

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3x3WC – 3 Dreams

Man, I fucking hates lists. It seems to me it has become the standard way of writing in the web, these days. A boring numbered directory of facts that looks all equally important. This is killing fantasy. This is killing dreams. This is the death of creative writing. This is it, MJ. Read more…

3x3WC – 2 Mom

Today is my Mom birthday. Happy birthday! (It was March 4th). 60 years old. She could retired if the law didn’t change 3 months ago. Now she has to wait two more years more. At least. Read more…

3x3WC – 1 The 3 best things I bought in my life

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3×3 Writing Challenge

My friend Mr Tits and I will start on Monday, February 27th, March 3rd, a writing challenge.

Initially I wanted to play alone, but then I thought he just had a surgery, he’s bored at home, and more than everything with him we have the perfect number (Him, I and the readers).

So, for the next 33 days we’ll both write and publish in our blog, an article every 3 days on the same subject, and respecting one single rule that will vary every time, but will somehow include the magic number 3 in it. (we probably should ask money to 3 mobile phone company for this ad, shouldn’t we?)

For instance article number 1 will have as a subject “Parks” and as a rule, being 333 keystrokes. So in total we will write 11 articles, that, unless specifically stated elsewhere by the rule, will be each 333 words longer, not one word shorter or longer.

Every article will be on-line at 3.33 pm and at the same time we will give each other the new rule and subject. We will start with me giving the rule and Daniele the subject, and we will switch on every article (so article 2 Daniele rule, Claudio subject, art. 3 D subject, C rule, etc.)

Why we are doing this? Because we like writing, we like to read each other posts, and we want to have some fun. Surely our billions readers will have some too.

RULE 1: the article must be composed of 3 paragraph, each 333 keystrokes long

40 – And now?

Tiziano Terzani, 40 years ago

This blog, the way I conceived, it finish here. Read more…

39 – The king of procrastination

At 15.10 of Monday, February 20th, I finally start writing what will be my 39th and last but one post of this blog. Read more…

38 – What keep stars lightning

February 18th is my sister birthday. With her and my mum from today to Sunday we will be in Malta to celebrate it. My present will be being with her these days, since I was supposed to leave already Italy again, but I extended my stay because she wanted I’ll be with her for her birthday. Read more…

37- L’INcredible LINda story of LIN

The INcredibile LINda story of Jeremy LIN

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36 – Such a shame

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