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3x3WC – 8 The art of dying

24 March, 2012

To understand The art of dying, you must master the Art of living

Every day, in an average adult between 50 and 70 billion cells die. That makes 300.000.000 per minute. Still, most of the people can’t cope with the only certain fact we all share: death.

The subject of this article come from a book I got in a Vipassana silent meditation retreat, an experience I did twice in the recent years. What I liked the most about that book can be resumed in this sentence: “The how to die peacefully, harmoniously. And one learns the art of dying by learning the art of living: how to become master of the present moment…” People fear death because they fear life.

So, with “The art of dying” I am not obviously referring to the Canadian rock band fronted by Jonny Hetherington, nor to the homonymous song included in “All Things Must Pass,” a triple album by George Harrison, the first solo work from him since the break-up of The Beatles. Both of them, I admit I never heard before until I googled the subject I choose, looking for inspiration.

I believe instead the song “Samarcanda” by Roberto Vecchioni, or the title of an episode of the Tv series “Lost”, surely the best show of the last 10 years, at least the only one I have watched, can be much more related. “Live together and die alone”.

I put together the cycles of human cells and the Vipassana meditation for a reason: like Buddha found illumination and realized how relative is the concept of “who am I”, being conscious of the constant movement of our particles, so I believe we should think deeper about “ life and death”. Let me be provocative: a vegetarian who decide not to eat meat to “save animal life”, ignore all the killing (bacteria, virus, etc.) is taking part on a microcosmos level. Like Lavoisier discovered: “in nature, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.

Are you ready to face death now?

Rule art. 9: the last 3 articles will be condensed in one, 333*3=999 words long. To be published on the 33th day from the beginning of the challenge. So this will be the end. DEADLINE, APRIL 1, but please no jokes!!

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