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3x3WC – 4 Parks

12 March, 2012

I did not write this article any day, but I went to the Park every day, so this article wrote me.
I went to 3 different Parks, of course: Trenno, Bosco in Città and Parco delle Cave.
Saturday I went out for a stroll after lunch and I ended doing more than 18km, more than half of them jogging on my Vibram 5 fingers. The Dean Karnazes mania has taken completely possession of me.
I run, strolled and people watched.
I saw people running, strolling, people watching.
Others were playing football (some in organized teams, some with their friends) basket, cricket (never imagined it could be possible in Milan few years ago), bowls, beach volley, tennis.
I saw a group of teens, families taking their babies and toddlers, romantic couple of all ages, people walking around their dogs, people working on their vegetable garden, many elders. There are a couple of charities groups in the Park and every time while i am running I see someone on a wheelchair, that remind me being grateful.

Many ethnic groups: looks like parks are their favourite gathering: Africans playing football, indians and Latinos having barbecues, young maghrebis and from the Balcans spotting hot chicks.
The weather was very nice: above 15C sunny, despite these are still winter days.

Words that are related to Park: parking, parkour, parka, parky.
My favourite Parks: Parco Sempione in Milan, Hyde Park in London, Central Park in New York, Botanical Garden in San Francisco, Parque de la Vida in Armenia, Colombia.
My least favourite Parks: Tim Parks, Graham Parks and the Korean Park who scored against Italy at the 2002 World Cup.
I’m looking forward to go to Ueno Park in Tokyo, where I’m suppose to land in less than 24 hours.
I have to leave in less than in an hour and I am really in a hurry.

And you, reader, enjoy the Park, especially if you live in a big city. Because parks are green and make the air better.

(This article is dedicated, like the song I linked from Elio e le Storie Tese, to “Il bosco di Gioia“, a green space who was in front of the window of the place where I grew up. And that has been destroyed so they can build another skyscraper)

This is post #4 of the 3×3 writing challenge.
Subject: Parks
Rule: Work on the article each of the 3 days, not just the last day!

Rule art 5: it has to be written in 33′ (more or less the time I wrote this last one)

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  1. Have a nice trip! 🙂

    Of Sempione park I only remember that time I parked the car in front of it, and someone, maybe drugged, broke the lock and steal my motorbike jacket from the trunk.

    p.s.: in case you wonder, the motorbike jacket was there because I had to pick up the motorbike from the garage after work.

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