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6 March, 2012

Today is my Mom birthday. Happy birthday! (It was March 4th). 60 years old. She could retired if the law didn’t change 3 months ago. Now she has to wait two more years more. At least.
Lucio Dalla was born on the same date of my mom. It’s a nice famous song: nato il 4 marzo.
Lucio Dalla died few days ago, before his 67 birthday. Ahjourd’hui Lucio Dalla est mort.
Rest in Peace.
I hope my mom will live 100 years. But more important she lives well and healthy.
Like in Okinawa, the place with more centenary in the world. They don’t just live longer, they live an healthy life.
What’s their secret?
Hara Hachi bu: stop eating when you are 80% full.
Then people are physically very active and they have a strong sense of community. Genetic is an important factor too, of course.

Let’s go back to mum. Mum is who generate you. Italian proverb says: “of a child, his mum is the only certain thing”, or something like that.
Mom, in italian mamma. Mother is Madre. Like Madre Teresa di Calcutta. Or like Mamma mia, here we go again. Abba. Abbagnale. Abbastanza.

La stanza del figlio.

I love my mum even if I don’t know how to show it properly. I am worried about her, but all tentatives to improve her life seems giving little results so far.

Anyway, I have my life to think about. Ciao

Rules art n3: It must includes 3 of the hottest Twitter world trends at moment I have finished writing art. 2.
This is the list:
Marygops Studios
Nandito Ako Keeps Getting Better
Chasing Josh Bradley
Happy Super Tuesday
Keep Calm And Be Fearless
Terra Nova
Gabriel García Márquez


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