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3x3WC – 1 The 3 best things I bought in my life

3 March, 2012

July 1987: A Sony XO-D4 Compact Stereo. It was the first object I bought with my savings, after working for two months at age 16, selling flowers in the streets of many cities. It was still working well two years ago, when I decided it was time to part ways. But my mom is still keeping the Record Player (PS-LX45) as a memorabilia.

April 1997: A 1 year subscription for a new cool service that allowed to connect my computer, but for only 1 hour a day, to a new network called WWW, or Internet. The provider name was Endoxa, and I’m surprised it isn’t dead. The sound of the connecting modem is still in my ears, as the excitement of “going on-line” is well alive.

December 2003: a last-minute travel package to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. I had no idea back then, but it was the beginning of my nomadic life. Indeed, the best thing happened in my life, so many experiences. I’m sorry that didn’t make this list: “first football shoes” and “first bunch of flowers that I gave as a present to a girl”.

SUBJECT for Article n2: MOM


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