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34 – CV & introduction letter

2 February, 2012

Breaking rule n1 of the manifesto in this blog, this week I searched for a job. I applied to a couple of Recruitment Agency, I spent hours playing in the net looking for offers, I sent a few of curriculum. Being a person who has wide interests and very different skills should be a plus, but led also to blow your energies. I find impossible just focus on something and leave away all the rest though. More than everything I find difficult to introduce me to people who don’t know me. So I wrote this introduction letter..that I have not sent to anyone yet.

I am a person who thrive when has to get out of his “comfort zone” and face new situations. Problems, accidents, unforeseen that scary the most, to me are needed incentive to give max effort and not rest on the routine. That’s why I am better suitable to work in start-up or innovative companies looking for new solutions.

Since I have travelled and living around the world almost nonstop in the last 10 years (I managed via internet my job for Gazzetta dello Sport), I am better suited to work in start-ups, international environments and company looking to implement new strategies. I know very well the in South America and South East Asia, but I can quickly adapt to every new country.

With a high level education in both scientific and humanistic fields, I developed equally the creative and rational mind. Flexibility, ability to work autonomously and solve complex situations are my strongest skills. With a strong morality I had few clashes with colleagues or bosses who care more to their personal interest than the common good.

People think I am unpredictable and not apt to work with bosses looking for yes man. Related to this topic, while I admit when I was young I use to be a rebel, after years of experience and being in managerial roles, I have learned to respect hierarchies and the minimum amount of formalities and diplomacy to avoid unnecessary fights and not make uneasy who has to deal with me. It stay true I have not nurtured professional relations, and considering I lived abroad in many places, I don’t have a network of friends-colleagues fitting my competence.

After more than 10 years working as a journalist, mainly sport journalist, and community manager and production of web sites, in the last three years I kept travelling working as a professional massage therapist and yoga teacher (you can find more details about that in my personal web page,

This is the first time I test the job market after years, and while i am aware of the difficult times, I believe my particular experiences are a unique baggage not to waste. I am open to any kind of job and new experience, I suppose I can compensate with my skills any lack of specific experience.

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  1. Good luck finding your job.
    This presentation letter is genuine and not full of b.s. like they normally are… while it can make things more difficult, it surely allows you to find someone at the same level.

  2. I should do a spanish version now and post it in

  3. moreover who doesn’t want to work for “Grupo Sicario” 🙂

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