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32 – Random thoughts

27 January, 2012

For today I planned a post, of which I have already written half, on Couchsurfing and trust. My first day in Milan after 14 months have been harder of any pessimistic forecast. Today it feel too difficult for me talk about trust, when I realize mine has been betrayed so badly again. I hope to finish this post about my Couchsurfing experiences by next Monday, but I don’t want to miss anyway the deadline with this blog, so I am just going to improvise on something else.

Fail again, fail better, said recently my friend Besana, Mr Tits for Arab friends. I, maybe, at 40 years old, should learn to accept better my fails, mine and other meanness. Instead, I reckon I did too little improvements. After less than 24 hours in Milan, I already want to run away, maybe until Swat Valley. Go far beyond the meanness surround me. But I am not running away, as I am not escaping the deadline I self-imposed.

After all that was one of my favourite challenge I had to deal when I was working as a journalist. Meet a deadline, especially when it’s getting close and for a reason or another you have a white page to fill, and the countdown adding pressure. A pleasure the eternal present of writing for a online news service took me away. Emotionality is enemy of lucidity, and today my emotionality is so high, I can’t offer more than random thoughts.

I was going to buy a house that looked a bargain. It was, until I discovered it was one of the countless infringement of local building regulations. Yes, but everyone do that way here, told me the seller. Yes, Craxi use to say the same thing, I replied. “Listen it’s a real bargain, you don’t find a house so cheap” “It’s true, like it’s true at that price nobody is going to buy you a tavern registered officially half of the size it really is. If that was my bread I could have just stayed in Pipa selling lands that the beach is going to eat in few years..

At eight tonight, I was so angry I had to walk outside home and go to Trenno Park, even if I am still under a bad cold and a 25C drop in a day it’s definitely not the better way to cure it. The freezing air was beneficial for my soul though. Parma ham, grana padano and a glass of good wine had their share of help too. I should include the tiramisù from last night, even if that stayed heavily on my stomach.

Despite all, this morning my Wii greeted me it was 422 days I wasn’t in touch with her, but she complimented because I lost 5kg since then, and my BMI (Body Mass Index) of 22 show a perfectly fit persona. But according to my body test, my Wii age was 41. While I wade to the end of this post, the noisy chit-chat on TV remind me how well it was not having one at home in the last months, years. I am in Italy again and I have to get used again going to bed not knowing NBA results.


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