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29 – A closed encounter with the moon

16 January, 2012

The plane take off from Bogotà few minutes after seven. The lights inside are all switched off, like when you are flying during the night on a long haul. This way everyone can appreciate better the city lights. Bogotà is huge, and being built at almost 3.000 mt, the sea of electric energy make a bigger impact, also because it is rush hour and all the houses are illuminated.

Leaving back the ocean of lights and swoop in the pitch dark in few seconds it’s a special effect of a sci-fi movie, like enter the hyperspace in Star Wars. The dark last only un instant though. Out of the blue, while I’m looking at the world from a porthole, to ripper pitch darkness in front of my window appear a red ball. It’s the Moon like I have never seen it before.

To begin with, I have never seen the Moon, a full Moon, rising under my point of observation, looking at her from top to bottom. It’s an incredible show, magnetic, magic, hypnotic. It looks so close and so alive! I can see sharp clear grey spots, that in my imagination are the continents of the Earth. There is no satellite image, or high-resolution picture, or telescope, that stand comparison. This Moon is handy, if only I can open the window of the plain.

The take off interrupted the reading of an interest article, but the article can wait now, I can take my eyes off the Moon now. I recall that sunset in Phi Phi island, where I was going back and forth frantically with my video camera, in the vain tentative to immortalize the sun extinguishing in the water. As a friendly rolo told me, while we were observing the atardecer few minutes ago in Cabo de la Velalo bonito de l’apuesta del sol è que no hay una igual a la otra”.

I regret non having a camera anymore. Nor I could capture a moment like this at all without professional lens I never had, but sometimes the value of a photo is not just in his technical realization, but just to have a visual object that trigger your memory to revive this magic moments.

Suddenly the plain turn on his side, the wing on my right nose up and the moon fall almost outside my view. The plain quickly goes back on track, but on the horizon there are clouds now. Not so high to obstruct the view of the Moon completely though. For a couple of minutes, that look like an eternity, the clouds run on the edge, hiding just a part, or half, or three-quarter of her Majesty, the Moon.

It’s a lysergic vision, a reminiscence of that night on Pance hills, experimenting with Yahè, that it’s interrupted by another manoeuvre of the pilot, so the Moon come back to her usual place, high on the horizon, as we are used to see it. The lights on the plain turns on, the show is over.

It was in that precise moment I realized for the first time I left Cali after eight months, and soon I would say bye-bye to Colombia, as well.

Adios Colombia and adios colombianadas. This post in my plans was a balance of my ten months in Colombia, my two cents on why the slogan “Colombia, el unigo riesgo è que quiere quedarte”, (the only risk is you wanting to stay) both in the original meaning suggested by Colombian Minister of Tourism that created it, that his personal secury problems are nowadays vastly overblown by press and embassy, and for my personal experience of a tourist that wanted to stay and faced lots of difficulties in doing it.

I will doing soon, but this look to me material for my travel blog. This blog is focused on “40 and now” and now I am in Venezuela, and many reflection are calling for my attention. So the best way to close my Colombian experience is to show a gallery of colombianadas.


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