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28 – Adios, mi Cali bella

15 January, 2012

Cali, pachanguero. You lured me with your reputation as salsa world capital. You seduced me withe the beauty of your women and amiability of his people. You deceived me with fake work perspective, making me believe there was a desire of spirituality, not just rumba. You worn me out with your superficiality, and the phantoms you hide to tourists, but can’t avoid to reveal who become part of the city. I leave you with no regrets and without desire to come back soon, but I’ll keep you forever in my heart.

Since the beginning of May to January 10th it’s more than eight months. If in the last 10 years I have not spent so much time in the same place, there should be a reason, other than I needed to slow down, stop in a place for a while and experience resident life in a non european country.

I’ll miss my stroll in San Antonio, the bohèmien barrio where I lived and whenever I was venturing I would discover something new. I lived at the corner of “Quinta con quinta”, 5th avenue with 5th street. One side non stop of one of the main arterie principali of the city, on the other side the peace of a old style neighborhood.

More than two months living in Jovitas, a hostel in a beautiful colonial house with really uncomfortable beds, a useless kitchen and bathrooms always dirty, but also lots of buena onda, and the following six in the studio in front of Jovitas, a cozy brand new apartment with private garden.

I still don’t know the real added value of teaching yoga in Amalgama e Crystal, but I know I lived the opportunity at the fullest, like the hours spent listening salsa and the ones dedicated to dancing. I’ll keep the memories of big festivals enjoyed only in part: Petronio in August, Festival de la Salsa in October and la Feria in December.

Moments of ordinary life: Centenario mall, my virtual office for almost a month, empanadas outside la Neblina shop, buying food ar super La 14 in the centre, kumis of Kasimiro, pandebono of every bakery I’ve been stumbling upon, the climbing to Cerro de la Tres Cruces, the trips in river Pance and to the cold Km18. The strolls along the river, from El Penon until the zoo, the walks to San Cayetano and San Fernando, the travels in Mio.

The nights in Tin Tin Deo, the meetings with Couchsurfing people and other tourists in the city, my beautiful neighbors. Veeeeh, y Que? The caleno way of speaking, mostly seducing, sometimes irritating, when you hear too many times “marica”, “huevon”, “ahorita”, “como asì”, “chevere”. Anyway a la orden, y con mucho gusto.

And of course I wouldn’t be Cloudio without express the reasons made me decide to leave. Calenos are so lovely as superficial, and how themself says: “incumplido”, unaccomplished. At the beginning they are enchanting, after a while they are driving you crazy, because you realize you can never trust anyone for anything. The town has a great potential, as a place to live or just as a tourist place, both far from being developed. It needs more time than I can give it, but one day not so far, I’ll be back to check your growth, mi Cali bella.

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