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26 – Second quarter

5 January, 2012

Attention please…this in four quarters
(Elio e le Storie Tese – Alfieri, Live in Borgomanero, 1984.)

A basketball game is divided in four quarters. Usually in the first quarter the opponents studies each other and are more worried in tuning with the game and observe the other team, rather than throw their best cards. In the second quarter the substitutes generally plays, that mean they are looking for alternatives to the base plan. In the third quarter is when the going gets tough and the best team change gear. Finally the fourth quarter is the one that really matter: except rare cases where one team has built such a big lead that all they have to do is handle it, it is now the game is decided, when the characterial factor often become more important than the technicals.

In this week following the mark of one-quarter of the project accomplished, I tried to imagine this blog as a basketball game. The one just finished has been so the introductory phase, and beginning with this post it’s time to experimenting, let writing take me where it wants and not where I planned to go. To use another hoops expression, I must “let the game come to me”, instead of bustling according to my plans.

In my initial layout I envisioned focus on a single different theme in every post. In my next articles I’ll explore different roads, note down, follow suggestions, listen to my inner instincts. The goal is still the same: know my self observing in my daily life. Tell about me, so to help understand better who knows me, and inspiring anyone is reading. Or at least provoke, in the strict etymological sense of help someone to find his vocation.

A couple of facts has called my attention particularly in the last days. One afternoon I should have gone to catch a movie with a colombian acquaintance, who growing in Puertorico turned to be doubly unreliable. In fact she stood me up at the last-minute. It was also the last time she stood me up, because once I forgive anyone, twice it depend, but the third time, whoever you are, you are done with me.

Anyway I was already at the theatre and the movie was beginning in few minutes, so I decided to watch it alone, as I did so many times. The film “Mamà tomate la sopa” , a local production, was plain awful. Stupid, childish, amateurish, slobbish. It was supposed to be a comedy, but even with the room half full, I have not hear once a lough in the stands. When about after an hour I realize it, I calmed down: it was not because I was in a foul mood, a certain fact that made hard to appreciate whatever I was watching, but it was really because I was watching a plain awful, stupid, childish, amateurish, slobbish movie.

In cases like this, and luckily are not many because usually I manage to avoid spending money on bad movies, I start thinking again and again to leave the theatre before the end. It’s always hard doing it (like it’s hard leave food in the plate even if I don’t like it, unless I feel it’s poisoning), not really because I paid a ticket, but as a form of respect to the work, I believe you need to suspend your judgement until the very end.

But more important than respect to the work is respect to yourself, and if you come to the conclusion you are really wasting your time, and the film you are watching, or the book you are reading, or the person who want to stay with you just because of selfishness, has nothing more to offer you, than it is incumbent stop it and start something else. Our time and attention are limited, maybe in the future we will come back on the book or the relation and we’ll see them on a different light, but in the present time, the sooner the better.

So I spent the next twenty or so minutes in doubt if leave or give the movie a couple of more sequences before give up, until finally the allure of the Pacific music of the Feria de Cali, that I left to meet a person who didn’t show up and watch a silly movie, prevailed. So I run back to the venue where the Feria was happening..and the moment I came back a Band on the Stage start performing my favourite pacific song: In memoria de Justino! If I stayed until the end of the movie I would have missed it, but also if I came back earlier I would not have such a cathartic emotional rentrée.

Instant like these remind you that all, including moments apparently more meaningless or dull, have their sense as part of the big plan, that often we deceive to understand, while we can just grasp in fragments when lucky. And to reinforce the message, after I went home to relax for a while, I came back again in the night, when another band was performing..

The other suggestive story I learned is Steven Bradbury’s one.. This one, though, I’d like you to tell you better next time.

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  1. That song is really beautiful… I can´t comment about the movie 🙂

  2. sarah permalink

    I feel the same things in your words,pal 😉

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