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19 – Diary of a holiday

9 December, 2011

Life is not a spartan existence, nor is happiness the greatest value we can achieve. Instead, life is a series of purposeful choices that can produce great rewards from great efforts. Choose to craft your life around creative work that goes up like a tower and out to the world. The tower we choose to build can be constructed in many forms, which is why it’s your own, unique tower. Like Michelangelo, you are the master architect. Nothing less than the fate of the world is in your hands – therefore you must give it your all, today and forever. To do this, you must fill your life with challenges, adventures and the love of good friends. And you must get to work, building your tower every single day. – Chris Guilleabeau, The Tower

10.40: I just got up, feeling like a wreck, after yesterday I read and wrote all day. I had to sent a couple of sample pieces for a website I hope to write for and I stressed my brain like I went for an hour-long run without any training. I decided a priori one of the sample would have been inspired by the e-book “The tower”, just published by Chris Guilleabrut, from where the first quote is and whose main subjects are legacy and urgency. The thing is, I did it just based on trust for Chris, without reading the e-book first. I am so used to messing around with my time and doing whatever I feel doing, (which surely I can’t say it is worst than spend at least eight-hour a day doing a boring job with a stupid boss blowing on your shoulder) that I know I really need to work of my sense of urgency.

11.50: An hour is gone. I did some brain dumping, yoga, breakfast, turn my laptop on and now I have nine tabs open with really interesting articles published since last night that I can’t wait to read. I will, but since I still feel overloaded of informations, I need to keep brain dumping first. Or better clearing out my RAM.

15.00: Of course I couldn’t make it to just focus on my writing. I read my nine interesting articles, a NBA breaking news hit my curiosity and I start following its development obsessively until now, while skypeing with my sister and my cousin and a short break to prepare me a fast lunch. Once I had a good excuse, I was getting paid for this, but now? In the meantime I have changed idea again on my today post, deciding to make it a diary of this holiday. That also give me a new excellent excuse to not finish it now and waste at least another hour in a different creative way.

16.16. I have wasted my earlier hour making a cup of strawberry tea and reading sprawled in my hammock. I got up only because a rainstorm is coming. Everything I read is worth it. These are all good read indeed. The problem is another one: bingeing on good reads is useless if you don’t try to put them in practice, and it is harmful if you have something more urgent to do. It is so often my case. Realizing this also help me to answer a question is gnawing since I have started this blog.

Who can be interested in reading it, apart from friends and relatives? It is enough being around 40 years old and to have (or at least to wish) an unconventional lifestyle to thrill with my blurbs? I don’t think so, judging on whoever has passed by for any reason and didn’t stop. For what reasons then? I haven’t figured it out yet, as I have really few things clear in my life. And maybe this is the only ground that can make reading me worthy. Me, you, everybody, are looking for the guide of succesful people, hoping one day to be in their place. It is in the law of nature, searching for the guide of who has proved to have emerged from the pack.

I am not a succesful person, I am just one in the pack. And honestly I have no idea where I stand in the pack, if in front, in the middle, or in the tail. Probably I will never manage to emerge, but if there is a cause to give me a little of your attention, this is it.

17.33. It took me another hour to write this few lines, because obviously I have found many ways to divert my focus. Outside is poring water and I have to go out soon, so the diary of a holiday finish here. While publishing this post I feel like is the worst, useless, badly written since I have begun this blog. Nevertheless, even if I have the chance to play a jolly, I publish for a reason that I leave again Master Chris to explain better, quoting from another piece of his art: 279 days to overnight success.

This is another area where a lot of good intentions can fall short. I can tell you from experience that unless you set aside dedicated time to produce your art, the art will not get made. There are some times when making the art is fun, but other times it’s not – so if you want to build something sustainable, you have to find a way to keep making art during the not-so-fun times. Chris Guillebeau – 279 days to overnight success

This blog is part of my legacy. Hopefully some contents will turn out to help someone. Probably most of them are not worthy anyone attention. Some things will be so bad it is better no one read. But I tried all the time.


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  1. “While publishing this post I feel like is the worst, useless, badly written since I have begun this blog”
    I know that feeling… 🙂 most of the time is because I didn’t like since the beginning what I was writing about… badly chosen topics!

    But on the other side, things don’t need to be perfect and reincarnation is behind the corner 😛

  2. It is also a consequence of being perfectionist and the need of distance yourself from your art.

    I generally tend to dislike very soon everything I write, even if when I publish it seems good content

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