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18 – Identity in the time of Google

5 December, 2011

These days I feel lost more than ever. I am afraid we are going to face very soon a life full of extreme sufferance, especially in Italy. What make me feel worst, more that the idea of what can happen to me, it is to think about so many people will die of hunger or will lose hope. In my compassion with innocent people, I forget many probably deserve such an end because of their acts, but that’s life.

I ask myself compulsively every day which is my role, what is supposed to be my contribution to general evolution. Surely I will stress less on this if I have a family to maintain and a job that keep me busy all day. Job and family are supreme values, but you can’t dig entirely your dignity to them. Blessed are ignorances and who doesn’t need to ponder on this questions. Blessed the ones who can just hang on to God, being just a projection of their wishes or they can understand and accept easily his plans.

Years goes by, I pile up experiences, take new roads that I abandon, and I feel like one of these people who doesn’t know where are we going, what are we doing, where what, why because, when on Earth?

Who am I? Today there is someone, more than anyone else, that can help you to understand who you are. That someone is Google.
Here is Claudio Secci in Google view.

Answer 1: – Claudio Secci was born in Turin 32 years ago. His passions are literature and computer science. He has a problematic personality that lead him always to complex social relations, extremely quick in whatever he does, close to schiZZophrenia in trying to reach his goal as soon as possible. He can’t hide his persecution complex, that made him very diffident with the others. He has little self-esteem, but he is exponential demanding with himself; handsomely calculator, perfectionist, acute, sharp observant, while morbidly physiognomist.

Claudio Secci wrote two books, his first “The perfume of sentiment” it is presented in this way:

An engaging and moving story in an apocalyptic moment of humanity, where the fate of Planet Earth seems doomed. The main character, a young guy looking for himself and the meaning of his life, take advantage of this particular moment to put himself in a condition of being appreciated by God, and after obstacles and adventures, find his own dimension.

Answer 2: Playing music is like referee a football game. It seems like a joke of destiny that Claudio Secci split his time as a DJ and a referee in regional football leagues.

Answer 3: Linkedin
Newspapers Consultant and contractor Milan area, Italy. Online media.
Owner, CHARME S.A.S. Florence Area, Italy – Import and Export Surgeon freelance – Cagliari Area, Italy – Information Technology and Services

Answer 4: clach, sport journalist, community manager and avid fantasy sports player. I believe this one is dead now.

And then there is Facebook, of course. I just put a gallery of pictures and a personal anecdote.

About a year and a half ago, a fifty something mexican woman contacted me in the belief I was “Claudio Secci from Firenze”, one of his five ex husbands. We start chatting and few days later she become so obsessive I couldn’t do otherwise than ban her. It was my first time I had to so something like that.

Google also told me that even if last time I logged in my Hotmail Messenger account was more than one year ago, there is a web page where not only I can be contacted, but everyone can see my personal contacts.

Last, but not least, even if there are worryingly analogies with all my homonymous Claudio Secci, the first name I appear in the register of births is another one.

So, we come back to the initial question: who am I?


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  1. Cloudio,
    you should definitively consider joining this Facebook group to clarify your identity:

    Anche io mi chiamo Claudio Secci

    And don’t forget to update the profile you never created here:


    • I already joined that group with my Facebook account I deleted more than a year ago.
      And that 123 website is the one I was talking about in the article where you could see me online with my hotmail messenger and see my contacts as well. I renamed my account “a morte messenger”

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