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14 – Coffee, tea, me

21 November, 2011

Caffè espresso, daily pleasure

Even in these cold and rainy days, the coffee triangle is still the most enchanting part of Colombia, the one I would recommend as unmissable for who has only one week to spend in a country that offer an amazing rage of sensorial experiences. To me it is not just a matter of variety of climates and landscapes or dimensions of the cities. The leading thread that goes through all the region from Manizales to Armenia, passing through Pereira and Santa Rosa and San Vicente hot springs, Cocora valley and Ruiz glacier is coffee.
And coffee is also the leading thread for billions of people, the obliged passage that mark the end of rest time and the beginning of a new day.

And despite Colombia is only the third country in the world as coffee producer, after Brazil and Vietnam (whose excellent coffee with after taste of chocolate is still unknown in many parts of the globe), while there is no better place of my beloved Italy for drinking a good cup of coffee, being it an espresso, or macchiato or shakerato, that makes any exotic variation can’t keep the competition.
And admitting it is american Starbucks to offer the best experience of coffee if you mean a place where to drink it, although a chilean man can have good points to reply he will never change it with cafè con piernas in Santiago, there is no other region in the world, at least in the fifty and plus countries where I had the honor to step my foot in, where coffee become landscape, not just the center of economical and social trades. Who knows, maybe the plateaus in Ethiopia or Java hills, where the finest, rarest coffee is produced, are even most beautiful places, where you can smell coffee more intensely. Maybe one day I’ll go there, see with my own eyes and compare.

But in this moment I am in La Serrana eco-farm, in the countryside of Salento, and I have just finished a bottle of coffee wine, whose alcoholic component is surely stronger than its stimulant one. And yesterday I spent a fantastic day in the Coffee theme Park in Montenegro, where you can find nature, culture and fun.

I know people who can’t stand even the smell of coffee. Others who refuse to drink it because it’s a drug and it’s unhealthy. Included the same people who pour coffee in their enema so they can purifies their colon. But I understand them: unfortunately there are too many people addicted to caffeine, who forgot how good is coffee, because they just need their five-six cups a day to keep going, and they forgot how it taste. And it’s true: instant coffee sucks and screw your stomach. But if you have an headache, a cup of coffee is better than an aspirine!

To me coffee is first of all a daily pleasure. The best way to finish my lunch. Often also a way to start my day, or a way to charge me when I can’t keep my eyes open and I have a lot of things to do. But above all, the main attribute of coffee to me it is taste. Drink a good cup of coffee is one of the parameters I have at the end of the day to tell me I did my duty and my pleasure, so I can go rest in peace.

To be honest, as much as I love coffee, for breakfast I prefer a cup of tea. Nothing better than an infusion of Twining Earl’s Grey. Otherwise black of green tea, the latter I’m not crazy for his taste, but it is very healthy and drink it make me feel I’m taking care of myself. Living in tropical or summer climates, it is many years I lost the habit to drink it with milk, an association that brings me back to cold days in England or Milan. That was until I discovered masala. But it is not easy to drink a good masala tea if an Indian is not preparing it for you.

As it is very hard drink a good coffee, eat an oven made pizza, a real gelato, or nibble from a cutting board with Parma ham and Grana Padano cheese, served with a glass of good red wine, if you are not in Italy. Sometimes it is not easy being an italian on the road. Luckily, this morning in Salento the sun is shining and the view of the valley is simply breathtaking.

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Tools & tricks
Parque del Cafè Montenegro – Yes, it is touristy. Still it’s more than lovely. A place where you can spend a great day in the nature, having fun and learn something about coffee.

Turismo eje cafetero – If you have to pick up only a place in Colombia, the coffee triangle is the place. But Colombia offers really much more.

The end of cheap coffee? – Un article that forecast a quick increase in the price of coffee, due to climate changes.

Public places where I wrote
La serrana Eco farm, Salento – There are worst place to write.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Claudio!

    A cup of coffee in the morning is a must for me. Or I’ll feel something is missing in my life.

    Have a great day!
    Asni / Personal Excellence 21DJC participant

    • Thank you Asni! I forgot to add that coffe can be bad for your stomach, but it is very good for headache! Better than an aspirine to me 🙂

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