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11 – The bearable lightness of being

10 November, 2011

light is good

In my last years on the road, one good reason to go back to Italy was to help my mom moving house. It happened four times in the last five years. Last week my mom relocated again, for the joy of my sister who was living 300 meters far and now she lives in the same building. I missed this relocating, but the first thing I told mom is I hope she took advantage of it, to finally trash some unnecessary staff.

It is almost eight years my belongings are more or less what you can fit in a backpack and something on the meaning of living (before than traveling) light, and way before that the economic crisis or the minimalist movement made it trendy, I have learned.

In my first post I quoted Master Chris Guilleabeau, an example of unconventional living, authors of pearls of wisdom like this or this, saying I had a dream with him protagonist, which I would have told about in one of the following articles. That moment has arrived.

In my dream I met Chris in Milan: I am just back home to meet my family, he’s on a stopover before heading to some african country. We chat in a café and the day after we met again causally at the airport. We greet and while on the line to get on the plan we both realize we forgot our luggage, so we have to take the instant decision if miss the plain or traveling just with a hand bag. We look each other, we smile and we hop on the plain. Then I woke up and I made me lighter of the liter of beer I drunk the previous night.

Unfortunately I don’t usually remember my dreams nor I am able to have lucid dreams, even if these two things are in my to do list. Thanks to my Freudian studies at least I can interpret the few I recall easily. I haven’t finished my pee I had already clear my dream was a way to remember me the more we can get rid of useless mental and physical ballasts, dead weight, the better is our life.

After during my teens my favourite book was The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera, away from Milan and AC Milan I finally realized lightness is not only possible, but also desirable. It is not just a matter of consume less, freeing from false needs our society fabric, but also detaching from memories, no matter how pleasurable (the more they are, the bigger the danger), that anchor us to the past and make harder face the present.

Back to mom relocating, I remember for instance, in the last one I participated, the fight because she wants to save the more than one hundred music tapes and videotapes of my personal collection, despite nobody touch them (relocations excluded, of course) since many years.

I don’t know how many she manage to keep at the end, but now I have a kindle, I’d also like the many books that still move from house to house will became, not just for ecological purpose, recycling paper.
The same apply for clothes or housewares: what’s the point in keeping twenty glasses when in your house there are never more than five people?

I really get the romantic view, I attach to everything, to the point before trash a pair of broken socks I give them extreme unction, kissing them tenderly, but keep what we don’t need simply take away freedom. And we don’t need the necessities of traveling or relocating to open our closets and, after admit we possess way too many things that we need, collect the superfluous and give it to charity.

The first to benefit of this act of charity is you. Less is more, the less you have, the more you are free.

my ideal house is not much more furnished than this

Tools & Tricks
 Leo Babauta, the guru of minimalism movement, his blog

Milan Kundera I forgot to put on my links when I quoted the brilliant ally of his own gravedigger, this time I couldn’t avoid it. For years he has been my favourite writer.

Public places where I worked

Centro Commerciale El Limonar (Cali). Lunch in La Carbonata has been my best almuerzo corriente I had in Colombia. And for 6500 I had also a colombianada: Gordon Blu 🙂


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  1. Less is more….
    I totally agree, even if in my daily life I’m not really thaaat minimalist.
    And for who wants to try to get there I suggest this experiment:

    • Daniele in your article I really like this sentence:
      I realized that the less things I have, the more I enjoy and I value the things that I DO have.

      I think I didn’t highlighted at all in my piece and it is of course very true.

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