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10 – Blog lessons

7 November, 2011

Writing or living? luckily the two are not mutually exclusive

Being this my 10th article, I’m arrived at 1/10 of my project and I consider over the testing stage. In five weeks I had enough time to understand how is my relation with writing, after more than two years of inactivity, what I need to insist in this blog and things instead it is better leave away. These are reflection blogging has inspired me so far.

1) Distance has been a good thing
I like writing much more now that when I quit. I always been scared of dedicate fully to writing, because since I had as literary mentors authors like Leopardi and Kafka, I have always envisioned writing as an act of isolation from the world. On contrary, with this blog I feel like I am opening to it.

2) Writing gives me mental clarity
Just because they can turn into the topic of my next post, all thoughts passing through my mind become more explicit. It is enough I pin down a sentence or only thinking how to explain better to someone has to read it, and immediately things are clearer also for me.
3) Writing as a form of expression and action.
Instead of separating me from the world, writing is becoming a bridge between my thoughts, expression and action. Too many times beautiful ideas remain only in my mind and never get real. Writing is already a form of reality, but thoughts that turn into words doesn’t lose their force, on opposite, often are getting stronger.
4) Writing in two languages enrich me.
Thanks to kindle and his integrated dictionary, my English has improved a lot recently, after years of stagnation. Thinking in two languages oblige me to ponder on the nuances of every word, don’t give any meaning for granted, build the sentence in a more comprehensible form. Switching from a language to another enrich my expression.
5) Writing in three language drain my energy.
My actual limit is two. If my written English is better than expected, my written Spanish is surely worst. Writing an article in two language is like chew accurately your food before swallow it, writing in three is like make indigestion. That’s why, considering also the spanish version has drawn the littlest interest, from now on I will writing only in Italian and English.
6) Writing as exercise of self discipline.
At the moment two posts a week are the perfect rate. It oblige me to keep focused every day. But with enough time to recreate between articles. Since I don’t work anymore every day I relaxed too much, and have to meet a deadline strength my self-discipline in everything else I have to do.
7) I have five readers and I love them.
I don’t know why, but as today this blog is still invisible to search engines. That means, the only way someone being aware of my blurbs is through my Facebook or twitter advise. As I know (and blog stats are a very useful tool for bloggers) I have five or six faithful readers and I’m very grateful to each of them, because, it would be silly neglect it, every writer need readers. I hope my five readers will not leave me alone and find my thoughts interesting enough to share among their circles.
8 ) How can I help my five readers
Even if I essentially write as a gesture of personal expression and self-analysis, I obviously ask me how can I be more easily readable, otherwise I would just keep a personal diary. I feel like I need to be more simple, more direct, without losing deepness and originality.
9) Writing in internet is multi sensorial affair.
Even if links have little click-through rate, they are essential to me. I started adding picture and videos to ease, also graphically, the page and communicate my message with different medias. With time I hope the blog will become more interactive. Many details I count on to take care with more attention the more my writing will flow better
10) Writing is learn the art of detachment.
Perfectionist as I am, I am never happy with what I publish. In general I don’t consider this a flaw, instead is the spring that lead me to keep learning and improve. But the line between a refinement and a fixation is narrow. Like very object of love, a post is something that has to be nurtured and then leaved alone, so it get can his own life.

I plan to write to similar articles, where the object is blogging and my relation with writings, at half of this adventure, that mean post n50, and as last act, post 100.

today people read differently, so writers need to adapt too

Tools & Tricks
WordPress. Open a blog is really easy for everyone, thanks to platforms like WordPress, so user-friendly and at the same time give you plenty of tools to personalize your work.

21 days journaling Today I started this challenge, where in the next 21 days I have to journal about a given topic and share my thought within the community. It is not too late to join the challenge!

Longform. If you want to write well you need good lectures. Long form is a selection of stories “too long to be read on a computer screen”, but also to good not read at all.

Public Places where I wrote
(Or better, in this case, thought)
Coffee town Hostel in Santa Rosa
Termales di San Vicente


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