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9 – A Laughter that will bury them all

3 November, 2011

Not only in here in Cali, frivolity world capital, people accuse me being “too serious”. Sure, you know the world is sick when this is a source a problems, from friends to work colleagues always suspicious because of your rectitude, girls running away from you because they are afraid not living up expectations, and you screw yourself some days eating your heart out when others lack of reliability and you would like being more superficial and learn how to let everything slide off, without leaving any trace in you.

Most of time though that just make me laugh, because one of my few supreme values is irony and even more self irony, that I exercise in doses sometimes excessive. In other words I adore make a fool of me, I like making jokes and talk crap all the time, I found automatic desacralize every situation. I do that consciously and of all seriousness. Surely I have never cultivated the art of diplomacy and I consider politically correct just a form of hypocrisy for cowards and orthodox, so sometimes I end up being too caustic and biting, because I stop only in front of really few things.

There are two slogans that resonates in my mind periodically, like unconscious mantra: “A Laughter That Will Bury You All” and “The brilliant ally of his own gravediggers”. The first is one of this motto that you see everywhere even if it is not clear who use it before: during the French Revolution, the anarchic of the beginning of ‘900, the italian students movement in 1977. It has become something abused, nevertheless has lost effectively. The second is a concept I read in Milan Kundera’s book “Immortality”, he used to prove all fanatics, people who take themself too seriously and never put in discussion their beliefs, are so laughable that will be buried with shots of irony.

I always believed irony is one of the few hopes for saving the world, and when last night I stumbled upon this piece about chinese censorship I had another happy confirmation. I resume the article for my five usual readers, whom I thanks and say hello with love, but that are usually too lazy or tired to click on links. In China there is an autocratic government that censor heavily medias, internet included. Luckily chinese people are less submissive than we think, and on internet is developing a movement of resistance which use satire as his strong point.

It is like at the time of Italy independence, when people where singing Viva Verdi to hymn to Vittorio Emanuele Re D’Italia (King of Italy), or when Leonardo da Vinci painted “The last Supper” as a masonic elegy of sacred feminine, in almond eyes shaped cyberspace coded twitters and videos get viral at ultrasonic speed, allowing many little chinese support one each other in the protests against the tyrant state.

To make things more interesting to me is, that while I am accustomed to play with words, chinese has thousands ideograms that allow to express their creativity. Moreover chinese people, none excluded, are already funny on their own, without meaning to be.

Now please, an instant of seriousness: if we want world economy not collapsing we have to hope, a part of the imminent death of Silvio Berlusconi and the disappearing of how many niggers and jewish possible (it is obvious of course that we don’t solve the problem of hunger in the world becoming all vegetarians, but beginning from the fact there are at least one billion too any indians on Earth), we must hope chinese people develop a social consciousness.

We must hope the censors of chinese government are all the brilliant allies of his own gravediggers and that a laughter will bury them all.

come on little chinese, bury them with a laughter

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The dangerous politics of humor in China, the article published on New York Times.

Irony as Protest and Language as Struggle in the Italian 1977 Movement

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