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3 – A question of time

13 October, 2011

This thoughts are inspired and dedicated to my friends Di. And Fr.
Di just has to postpone for the umpteenth time the trip she’s dreaming in the last two years and now she’s seriously afraid she will never do, because she’s not getting paid at work for months.
Fr is sure want to move to Germany, where she is just came back after a short vacation, but she does not know when it is the time to leave. If she will ever leave, I add, because even if she say she has no doubts and does not have big practical problems, at the end of the day start over alone in a new country is still scaring you.

When it’s time to do something? When you feel ready it always happen something that hold you back.
Since the moment I thought to open this blog to his effective launch, has passed four days.
Yes, in theory you can open a blog for free in two minutes, but to embark in a year-long project where you commit to invest the affective energies required for a child and at the same time quit the business you were working at in the last months, I had to allow myself a couple of days to define the rules of the game.

And obviously, even with few and simple rules, and conscious that it’s much easier to neglect or abandon a blog that a baby, I felt far from be ready. A lot of logical questions deserved a deep rumination: from fundamentals like what I want to write exactly and for who, to details like since I plan to write in 3 different languages, should I open three different blogs or just organize everything in one place+

But I knew with the passing of the days it would have ended like in Lost: for every answer I can find, a handful of new and more intriguing questions would pop out, so I just fixed a date for the launch, compiled a list of a dozen topics I’d like to research in this project, to have something to start writing or in periods of lack of inspiration, and I started writing the first post.

I began with the most immediate (I thought it was also the simplest, but I realized soon this was not true), the one where I try to answer to the question why I am doing that, retracing key facts in my first forty years and how I am arrived to this crazy idea. I left that post unfinished and on hold, because reality offered something more interesting and to analyze.
What I was sure is that I wanted to open this blog, because it was long time I was thinking about it and when you feel it is the right moment, there is no unforeseen, no unexpected that can stop you. I focused on the essential. When is now, time will tell, eventually, how, what, where, why, for who.

Now let’s go back to D. and F. and what I feel tell them and whoever is facing a similar situation. Please ask yourself the real reason you want to do what you say you want to do.

F. are you sure Germany is the place for you, when for three times in a week span you didn’t show up or you arrived more than half an hour later without worrying to inform at a work meeting? And you did it with me, who you say and show so much respect! Are you aware over there you will be lucky if you will be forgiven once, and after that not only they will never call you back, they will make sure to forewarn of your attitude any possible future client?
D, do you really think the moment for this trip is now or never more? If yes, it doesn’t really matter how much money you have to start with. If what you really want is the experience of a journey within you before to a physical place, you must get out of your comfort zone and think that this travel will have sense for you only with the budget you have now and your ability to adapt and find the way to go on. Do you think it is not possible? While I am writing I’m giving hospitality to a girl from Guatemala, a country poorer than your, who also happen to be almost ten years older than you. Limitations are all in your mind, but only you can go over.
For both my suggestion is the same: tonight before going to sleep ask relentlessly and obsessively until you will fall asleep: do I really want to do this thing? If when you wake up tomorrow morning your first answer is no, then just admit it, everybody needs fantasies to escape reality, but don’t let yourself be possessed by them: it’s time to give it it’s real name, detach from it and give space for a new one.
If it’s yes, then just set a date, and no matter what, this will be the big day.

Tools & Tricks
La edad de la ciruela it is centered on a question of time also la edad de la ciruela, the work of my friend S., who I attended last Monday. Ideas to travel with no money German traditions, quite different to Colombians

Public Places where I worked
Centro Cultural de Cali (FES), home of the very disappointing VI Festival Mundial de la Salsa


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  1. Hi Claudio,
    having 3 different blogs to accommodate the languages is a pain for me as a reader too.
    Where should I comment?!?

    There are wordpress plug-ins you can check.
    Some do automatic translations using google translation and similar, like:

    I used this one that allows you to write the post in multiple languages and let the reader choose which one to read:
    it works well but hasn’t been updated in a long while….


    • Claudio permalink

      Daniele, thank you for your unvaluable feedback.
      I’m doing test to find the better solution for better reading, but I’m not going to use a translator for my articles, beacuse the reason I choosed to write in 3 languages is to exercise my writing on other languages.
      Now I’ll check the plugin you recommended me!

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