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2 – Il dolce far niente

10 October, 2011

While the first post of this blog was going on-line, two important things were happening: the news of Steve Jobs death was monopolizing cyberspace, creating a big vacuüm that this blog is destined to fill.

Don’t worry Steve, I’ll take your job. And I was chatting on Facebook with my friend A., to whom I was explaining the meaning of the italian expression “dolce far niente”, on which apparently we were both absorbed.
Rereading my Manifesto on my commitment for the next year, it can be interpreted as a praise of il dolce far niente.But also as an extreme rigorous application of Ockham Razor. Or better, to sum up the two positions, the creative idleness.

This has been the first challenge I had to face as soon as my first post was published. To celebrate I went to catch a movie at the Mall where I was writing (Amigos con beneficios, , romantic comedy that I enjoyed as few in his genre. Although the real genre in which the movie should be catalogued is “New York”, a pillar of Hollywood industry) (I have been to New York only once in February 2001, maybe it’s time to put a new visit to the Big Apple in my 2012 checklist) (but in a different season, anyway if I’ll be back, for sure I will not escape the moral duty to buy an Apple product).

But the moment I left the theatre, I started thinking what to write in the next post, put pressure on myself, because Monday will come quickly, there is the week-end in the middle with lots of things I want to do, it’s fundamental have a good start, etc…
I had to impose my self to do nothing.
And creating this space, the new post began came to me.

All this came out of my keyboard in one go Friday morning, while sitting on my usual spot in the Mall. Good start! I complimented me. But it’s too short, I need to add something else and immediately opened a new tab in my browser, searching for ideas in Google.

Luckily I realized in a couple of minutes it was again time to stop and let creative idleness do his job. From now on to Monday, something meaningful will eventually find his way to add to this piece, otherwise it would mean the concept of “dolce far niente” already manifested itself with enough clarity.

It’s Monday and among the different thoughts that try to reach this post I choose the last one. While I was searching google looking for a link regarding creative idleness for the spanish version, I stumbled across the page of a travel agency with this motto “ocio creativo, para mente inquietas”, creative idleness for restless minds.
It’s to stop madness and my perfectionism mania, during the weekend I modified one of the rules of the blog: I can modify contents of my post only until it’s the last one published. As soon as a new post goes on-line, the post is closed and what is done is done.

Tools & Tricks
Steve Jobs, stay hungry, stay foolish –
Creative idleness
Ockham razor, how to cut superfluous –’s_razor

Public places where I wrote
Centro comercial El centenario – Cali (Colombia)
La casa cafè – Cali (Colombia)


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  1. Damn, your rules are stressing me too.
    Why did you choose to have such a strict rules? Self-discipline?

    Ciao papi!

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